Insulation Comparisons

What is the best insulation? A comparison

Besides Thermguard consistent R-Values, one of the main advantages over roll type insulations is that Thermguard is a loose fill insulation providing a true 100% cover and as a result, Thermguard is 100% seamless. This seamless blanket prevents heat gains and losses from occurring through gaps, obstacles and similarly hard to reach places. These inefficiencies would no doubt reduce your home insulations effectiveness by up to 30%, which is quite common with blankets/roll type insulation old or new.


Another benefit is that Cellulose fibre insulation is also very efficient to produce. It uses 15 times less energy to manufacture than glass-fibre and 33 times less energy than polyester insulation materials.

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Roll / Blanket

To better illustrate the inferior insulating qualities of polyester or fibreglass insulation both new and old, we have put together a collection of thermal images showing you the real world poor performance of our competitors. It is very difficult to photo a ceiling on our thermal camera once we have insulated with thermguard as there are not hotspots to contrast in the image. All surfaces are uniform in temperatures. You will notice the massive gaps with fibreglass and polyester as the glowing orange areas.

Thermal Image Performance

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To further help you understand why Cellulose insulation is superior to polyester or fibreglass, you can watch this video.