What is Loose-fill Ceiling Insulation

Loose-fill Fibre Roof Insulation Overview

Whilst not all roof insulation materials are created equally, even amongst loose-fill ceiling insulations you have products that excell in certain areas where others fail. Loose-fill Ceiling insulation is typicaly blown into a roof space creating a 100% seamless cover across your ceiling. The key work here is coverage. No air spaces, no joins on an air tight layer of insulation giving you the best possible chance of the insulation working as it should.


The two primary loose-fill ceiling insulations available in South Africa is Fibreglass and Cellulose Insulation (Paper). We specialise in Thermo-Floc® Loose-fill Fibre Insulation. Thermo-Floc® is a minerl fibre roof insulation which is formaldehyde free and contains zero dust It is also less than half the weight of cellulose insulation and a boasts an A1 fire rating compared to cellulose with a B class rating.


Along with a 100% seamless coverage, loose-fill roof insulation is a quicker to install and less invasive. Due to the product being blown wear it needs to go, this has the added advantage of reaching tigher areas where blanket or roll roof insulation wont work. From flat roofs, cathedral ceilings, walls and floor. Loose-fill ceiling is the wise choice for any new or old building.


The market in europe and usa is dominated by loose-fill insulation when required for roof insulation and this is due to the higher efficiencies that the products offer where blanket or roll insulation fails completely. Depending on the requirements and structural integrity, fibreglass is still the safer option.


Fibreglass is a bio soluble material that poses no health issues as previously thought. Studies and long term tests have concluded that fibreglass is not a carcinogen. Advancments in modern testing protocols and manfacturing processes has created a product that is far safer and superior to cellulose fibre insulation.

Loose-fill Advantages

Superior Comfort

  • The full effect of loose-fill ceiling insulation will be apparent within 24 hours from installation. Homeowners will notice the living space become more comfortable resulting in less money wasted on heating and cooling. Good roof insulation such as Thermo-Floc® will pay for itself within 2-3 years from installation with continued savings to follow.

100% Seamless Cover

  • The most noteworthy advantages over roll type roof insulation materials is that Thermo-Floc® is machine blown dry into your ceiling providing 100% coverage. Loose-fill ceiling insulation material acts as a fluid, hence covering your ceilings structure completely. This “seamless blanket” prevents any heat gains and losses from occurring through gaps, obstacles and hard to reach places. These inefficiencies would otherwise reduce the insulation materials effectiveness by up to 30%, common problems with blanket insulation.

Insect and Rodent Repellant

  • The consistancy of loosefill ceiling insulation creates a very difficult obstacle for rodents to navigate or nest in, hence they avoid it. Cellulose fibre manufacturers claim their additives deter rodents but upon our inspections we found this to be false or at the least a very far stretch. We recommend a clean environment and traditional pest control measures are still the best for controlling vermin. Dont expect insulation to do that, loose-fill insulation will only cause a obstacle which vermin avoid. if rodents are persistant, they will move along your trusses, irrespective of the type of insulation you have.

Fire Resistant

  • Whilst Thermo-Floc has an A1 fire rating, cellulose fibre only has a B rating. Multiple powder additives are added to the paper which may otherwise be a extremely dangerous fire risk, whilst fibreglass is self extinguishing, cellulose smolders which could cause reignition and makes it difficult to detect smoldering pockets of insulation that could cause re-ignition of a structure. Nobody is worried about what type of toxic smoke a product might release if it burns. There's wood resins, plastics, paints, sealers, fabrics, binders and adhesives in your home that are for more toxic when a home is engulfed in flames, last concern would be what type of roof insulation you have installed during a structural fire.

Sound Proof

  • Loose-fill insulation is extremely good at isolating external noise from entering your home or a specific room. Due to its 100% coverage and air tight fit, this is a major advantage over blankets or rolls that have large joins or gaps that open up over time. Cellulose fibre insulation is the best at acoustic performance but it is an extremely heavy product that can cause your ceiling to collapse, the better option is Thermo-floc® insulation if weight is a concern. The majority of South African homes are not built to high standards that take acoustics into account. Adding roof insulation to your ceiling and being told it will make your home quiter is a far reaching claim if your home isnt air tight or doesnt have double glazed windows for example.

Non – Allergenic

  • Thermo-floc® has zero dust or powder additives unlike cellulose fibre insulation that is made from old news papers and magazines with powder additives added. Its like blowing dust into your roof but this is only at its worst within the roof whilst installation is taking place, if you have a tongue and groove ceiling, this powder and dust from cellulose fibre insulation tends to work its way into the interior of your home and your sit with a continual dust build up. Once thermo-floc is installed, it stays in place. Its a common misconception that wind blows it around, the air within your roof is relatively stable when your roof is being buffeted by external wind and creates negative and positive pressures which allow insulation to stay in its place.


  • Thermo-Floc Ceiling Insulation is an affordable and cost-effective solution with great advantages. It provides exceptional thermal insulation, making your home more comfortable while reducing your energy bills. In addition, Thermo-Floc Ceiling Insulation is environmentally friendly, fire retardant, and resistant to pests and rodents. With these benefits, Thermo-Floc Ceiling Insulation is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to improve their home's energy efficiency and overall comfort


  • Thermo-floc® is less than half the weight of cellulose fibre insulation.

  • For example Thermo-floc® at 135mm only weighs 1.62kg per m2, Cellulose fibre at 135mm weighs 3.78kg per m2. We have seen multiple ceilings collapse over the years. Entire bedrooms and living rooms destroyed, in some instances falling on families in their homes. It is wiser to go with Thermo-floc® and eliminate any concern of being buried in paper dust and chemicals.