Our roof insulation service is one of the best and most effective on the market. If you're looking for the best roof insulation available, look no further than Thermguard. With over 20 year's experience, we know the limits of our product and how best to service your needs. Below we will briefly explain the process of insulating your home, what you can expect from our installation teams and working directly with us.


We strive to provide a quick and efficient service for you, ensuring that your experience with us will be one of no hassles or problems, but a professional service that puts the customer first.


For tiled roofs, we prefer to access the roof space from the outside. Teams will pass the hose through and climb inside themselves. They start at the furthest part of the house and work their way back towards the insulation machine.


If it is raining on the day, either our teams can enter via the trapdoor or we place a large tarp over the roof tiles that we opened. This works perfectly as no water can enter.

Roof Access

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Prior to our installation teams arriving or any work performed or commitment made, we will always require our assessor to inspect your house or property. We do this to make sure the price we quote will match the service we carry out as accurately as possible.


Included in our mandatory inspection should you wish to accept our quote, the following will be performed.


  • Visual inspection of roof externally

  • Visual inspection of roof structure through trapdoor

  • Visual inspection internally of ceiling throughout the house

  • Thermal scan of ceilings internally to determine if any insulation if installed, (this will also reveal any current water leaks)

  • Downlights will be physically counted

  • The gross external area of your house will be measured with a laser and plotted to autocad.

  • Any new findings or questions will be discussed with you and we will be on our way.


If the quote needs to be amended, we will do so as quickly as possible. If you are happy to go ahead, we will arrange a date and send our installation teams who will have been briefed on the job and any specific items to take note of will be discussed with them.

Installation teams

Upon our teams arriving and greeting you, they will begin to familiarise themselves with the property, any requests will be made such as access to power, trapdoor, balconies and check lights etc.


Before our teams begins insulating, any geysers, down lights or electronic equipment are covered or temporarily protected if required. We advise you to keep your windows closed as our teams insulate to avoid any nuisance dust entering your home. Once we begin insulating, the job will be quick and is very quiet. Provided there are no technical challenges we have to work around.


While each job is different, most jobs will be completed in either half a day or a full day. Larger jobs sometimes require 2 days, but this is only if your house has 100 downlights, is greater than 300m2 for example.

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Before any insulation begins, our teams will first start with wrapping any geyser and piping, covering down lighting or removing any old insulation if the service is included in the quote.


Once these services are completed, our teams will begin with insulating your home.

Secondary services

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Upon completion of all services, our teams will begin with clean up around your house and removal of any equipment. Anything moved will be placed back to its original state and location.


Lights are checked afterwards and our teams will leave everything as if they were never there.


Other applications

While cellulose fibre insulation is not only a one use product, thermguards insulation are used in many other applications such as


  • Flat roofs
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Capping over polyester or fibreglass
  • Cavity walls
  • Floors

The ability for Thermguard to be installed with minimal disturbance to your property allows our product to be used where polyester or fibreglass cannot work.

Roof Insulation - How we do it

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