Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling cleaning is essential to your family’s health

Healthy living is essential, yet a clean roof space is often overlooked when considering a clean and hygienic environment. Many people don’t realise how many roof rats, bats, birds and other pests move through their roof while leaving their urine and faeces behind. These rodents often attract cockroaches, silverfish and insects. Even after finally ridding one’s house of these pests, their faeces remains behind.


Apart from the normal dust, debris and pollen accumulation inside your roof, blanket or roll type insulations encourage rats to stay in your roof and nest within the blankets. Often these infestations become so bad that when you open the trapdoor you can smell their urine. Once it gets this bad, you have a perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to flourish. Not very good for your health.


How we can help

We provide a professional and reliable ceiling cleaning service that specialises in roof cleaning, vacuuming of dust, bird/rat/bat faeces, roof rat carcasses, nests, dust mites, and finally old deteriorated roof insulation materials. As a result, a 100% clean roof space.


Whilst we are not pest control, the service we offer is a proactive measure to discourage pests from moving in and remove their effects if they have already moved in. We do not harm any living creatures but merely eliminate their effects. With our cleaning service, it is always advised to install loose-fill insulation as it is more resistant insect and rodents. The dangerous pests are deterred from returning and you'll enjoy the advantages of loose-fill fibre insulation.


Once we vacuum a ceiling, we will sanitize the roof space with a non-alcohol based surface disinfectant which is odourless. Key areas disinfected are trapdoors and immediate surroundings, rodent pathways and geyser areas. These are the areas people are likely touch.