Thermo-Floc® Loose-fill Insulation

Eco Friendly, No dust, no powder additives and no harm to you or your family. Made from recycled products.

A1 Fire rating, can be used in sensitive environments such as hospitals, residental or commercial spaces. Does not smolder like paper insulation.

Insect and rodent resistant Thermo-Floc® will discourage rodents and pests to live in your roof, due to its composition.

Non-allergenic Unlike paper based insulation, Thermo-floc it is non- toxic and contains zero additive powders or dust.

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Professional work


We get the job done right! Join our group of highly satisfied customers and save money today with Thermo-floc® Loose-fill Insulation. Make a wise choice now and enjoy a cooler or warmer house without significant electrical bills. Contact us today.

Quality Service


We strive to ensure our installers provide the best possible service and highest quality installation of Loose-fill Insulation. We adhere to the legislations and make sure we meet or exceed the minimums requirements according to SANS 10400 - XA.

At Fibre-Spec, we know Thermo-Floc® has far greater advantages over our competitors or cellulose fibre insulation. With climate change effecting our daily lives, we all find it difficult to cope with increasing and decreasing temperatures.


The advantages of our product ensures a far more comfortable home for you and your family of which you can all enjoy for a longer period of time. We look forward to working with you and improving your household. 

"Fast efficient service and professional team on site. Very happy with Fibre-Spec and Reegan specifically! Thank you guys!"


- Blanca Pretorius

"Great product and excellent service from Fibre-Spec, they went out of their way to help me with the special needs of my project . They are the best insulation company in Gauteng period!"


- Stean van der Walt

"This has kept our house cooler now in summer and I am very glad that we decided to have it done.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Fibre-Spec to install ceiling insulation."


- Siggy Bishop

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House hot or cold?

Thermguard Pretoria Roof Insulation

Technical specialists


While most contractors will turn away technical challenges, we welcome them. We are able to scale and tailor our services to match your budget and requirements without sacrificing our quality of work. If you are in the market for affordable insulation, look no further.

Loose-fill Insulation

Light weight Thermo-floc is less than half the weight of cellulose fibre insulation. Spontaneous ceiling collapse is highly unlikely with Thermo-Floc®

Hydrophobic Thermo-floc® will not attract water or moisture. Cellulose fibre insulation is hygroscopic and will attract and absorb water, adding further weight ontop of your ceiling.